Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sex and the City Night Out

Had a fantastic night out with my sisters, to see the Sex and the City movie. I was worried that I was taking my sisters to see porn, but I was pleasantly surprised that the girls have evolved into relationships and families, such as I.

After meeting up for Cosmos at the Bristol, we were all siked up and ready to enter into their beautiful world of nightlife and fashion. I'm sure as with everyone, we can relate to these glamorous gals. I know that our group is a mirror image of the fabulous four.


The redheaded career girl of the group. Desperately in need of a couple of more Cosmos! I've heard stories that once she is fired up, she resembles a "burning bush!" - VIVA MEXICO!


The sweet innocent of the group with a wild side. LeeAnne has chosen to be one of our family, that alone makes her a Saint. But, don't let that fool you...I've seen your college photos!


Wild and Crazy is all I need to say. We all know that she is the life-of-the-party. I'm sure if she shared her "untold stories" from the '70s, they would rival any of Samantha's escapades.


I saved the best for last. We are soul sisters, practically twins and my life is modeled after her. With only a few minor exceptions, like, stilettos, designer clothes, glamour, couple of pounds... Other then that, I feel a connection as I have followed Carrie from season to season. As her, I love New York, I seemed to have dated someone new every season and we both matured around the age of 40 and decided to settle down. Also! What a coincidence! I call my guy "BIG" too!

Since I've realized my new talent is blogging, maybe I can get published in my subdivision newsletter..."Sex in the Cul-de-sac" I need to start somewhere, RIGHT?

Let me end with my favorite part of the movie. Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved"

Oh continue to love me -
never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.
ever thine.
ever mine.
ever ours
~Immortal Beloved, Beethoven

Monday, June 23, 2008

Six Flags

These little faces were worth the entire trip. Malakai and Kiera are the perfect age to start enjoying the rides at Six Flags. Kiera now measures 42' so there were quite a few rides that she could have gone on, but I wasn't ready for that yet... Our time in St. Louis was priceless! We enjoyed lots of quality family time. Enjoy the video and the slideshow of our visit to Six Flags.

Six Flags Photos

Cha Cha Slide with Bugs Bunny

Friday, June 13, 2008


"Dancing with the feet is one thing,
But dancing with the heart is another."

Our first dance recital! It was a success! The Tiny Tutus were the best of all the performances. (of course!) I didn't realize what all went into these productions. I'm very impressed with "The Studio". Everything was so organized and professional. Dennis and Kiera did the father daughter dance. I have to give kudos to Dennis for his commitment to the routine. 8 weeks of practice! They were so cute on stage dancing to Surfin USA. Most of you all have seen Dennis move, so you know he was GETTIN DOWN with "The Swim" and "The Monkey". He's such a good sport!

Kiera and her friend Lily

Kiera had a great turn out of support in the audience. Josh, Karissa, Malakai and Lelia came from St. Louis for the big production. Aunt Suzy, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave were there with flowers for the "STAR". Grandma and Grandpa also attended, and it was a nice surprise when Aunt Kim, Aunt Kristi, Abbey and Shelby showed up.

We planned a last minute BBQ at the house afterwards. The unplanned casual get togethers are the best! I even made home made Ice Cream! We never did light the fire pit....maybe next time Josh...

Thank you to my family that came out to see my little dancer. It meant a lot to me, but I know that these are memories that will stay with her forever. We are lucky to have your love in our lives.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

She did it!

After lots and lots of practice...
she finally did it!

Tied her own shoe!

I'm so proud

Monday, June 2, 2008


Okay, this is my first experience of having a child in a team sport. Josh predicts that I'm going to be "one of those Moms", how or why he thinks that, confuses me, cause I have always tried to be on my best behavior in his presence. Surprisingly, he might be onto something. I know I was very aggressive in team sports, during my youth, but I like to think that I'm more mature in my older age. Luckily, to my advantage, there are no umpires in T-Ball...

Why can't I be one of the umbrella holding Moms sitting in the bleachers? Of course not! I have to be "Dug-Out Mom". Not really sure how that happened.

Was I delusional in thinking that these sweet innocent little girls would set calmly in batting order awaiting their turn in the dug-out? What was I thinking? Here I am with 15 girls, trying to organize chaos. They rush in and drop their gloves, anywhere, and go straight for the sunflower seeds. Not all have opted to put their names on the uniform, so I'm trying to figure out Camryn vs Annabelle vs Sweet Pea....who the heck is Sweet Pea? And what were the parents thinking? It is literately impossible to force these batting helmets on over pigtails! Then I have to take my life into my own hands, by sending them out to practice their swing without hitting me, the fence or taking out the returning batter. All of this while I'm holding 5 pairs of sunglasses, hats and visors. Setting on the bench was wishful thinking, let alone keeping them all in the dugout...Good Luck. It seems like they are running in and out at any given time. Surely the parents in the bleachers are watching them...I hope... Then somebody comes to me and has to pee. I look down in despair, and ask, Who are you?... Are you even on this team?... UGH!

During all this, I barely get to watch my little All-Star at bat. Notice her form? She's a natural. She is starting off with a winning number, George Bretts and Albert Puhols, #5! I referred to this as T-Ball, but it is actually coach pitch. They get 6 balls to try to hit, after that it is put on a Tee. I thought that his was going to be like the soccer league I checked into. Practice on Saturdays 30 minutes before the game is played. OH NO! This is practice 2-3 times a week and now 2 games a week. Are we working towards scholarships??? Of course, I didn't figure this out, until after I paid them my money. Oh Well, she is enjoying it and that's all that matters. Right?

She is an aggressive player, she goes after every ball, regardless of where it is on the field. She can usually hit the ball without the Tee, but she forgets that she then has to run the bases, and the order in which to go. Her first attempt at base running, she went to 1st, and kept going past 2nd, to the home plate in the field behind us, then to their 1st, then to a discarded base laying off to the side, back around to our 3rd base before anyone could catch her. To her defense, it's hard to see and hear in those batting helmets. Speaking of which I don't remember helmets and cleats when I played ball! I played for 6 years, only a mere 37 years ago!

As for Dennis, he is the proud father, standing back, as far from the other parents as possible. Then he steps to the dug-out fence and corrects her form and tells her she needs to hustle.

Later, she comes to me and asks, "Mom, is hustle anything like whistle?"
Thu., May 29 6:00 pm OGSA F4
Fri., May 30 6:00 pm LEP F5
Thu., Jun 05 6:00 pm LEP F5
Fri., Jun 06 6:00 pm OGSA F2
Tue., Jun 10 6:00 pm OGSA F7
Fri., Jun 13 6:00 pm OGSA F3
Wed., Jun 18 7:15 pm LEP BD
Fri., Jun 20 6:00 pm OGSA F1
Wed., Jun 25 6:00 pm OGSA F7
Thu., Jun 26 7:15 pm OGSA F2